Functions of the Museum

  • To make the collection accessible to the public in a suitable exhibition environment.

  • To establish a development program to provide funds for sustaining the collection in an accessible location for all posterity to enjoy.

  • To recognize the international popularity of the Tennessee Walking Horse and to invite those who have been and are currently involved in the breeding, training, exhibition and enjoyment of the breed to support the museum with financial support and the donation of artifacts, documents, photographs, movies, and videos depicting the history and development of the breed at all levels .

  • To seek out artifacts and secure them for preservation purposes and exhibition.

  • To make available traveling exhibits for educational and promotional purposes.

  • To promote research, writing and recording of the history of the breed for the purposes of expanding knowledge of the Tennessee Walking Horse and having media available to share the breed’s history and characteristics with a broader audience than just those invested in the breed.

  • To sponsor and support events designed to advance an awareness of the Tennessee Walking Horse.

  • To work with all existing Walking Horse affiliated organizations nationwide in the common interest of the Tennessee Walking Horse, and to invite their participation in the museum’s programs.

  • To develop a website which can be used to further our mission and provide links to other Walking Horse related websites.